‘We must not grow numb to such sorrow’: COVID death toll in US reaches 1 million

May 17, 2022

The Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center dashboard is referenced in this May 2022 article by USA Today.


When the U.S. surpassed 1 million COVID deaths Tuesday, the somber milestone provided yet another reminder of the enormous human toll extracted by a pandemic the nation is eager to leave behind.

At a time when Americans have largely ditched masks and may be more preoccupied with inflation, abortion laws and the war in Ukraine, it’s easy to forget the coronavirus has claimed more lives in this country than its deadliest conflict – an estimated 750,000 died in the Civil War – or previous outbreak. The 1918 flu pandemic killed about 675,000 people domestically.

A current resurgence serves as proof of the virus’ lingering presence, and the White House recently warned the fall and winter could bring as many as 100 million new infections.

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