We get it. Data can be overwhelming.

At GovEx we also know that data really matters. Simply put, our work is to make using data easier for you.

Our team of proud “data nerds” are passionate about government and believe government can accomplish great things for residents when given the tools and skills to use data to inform the best decisions. We know the more government can collect, manage, and analyze quality data, the better results can be achieved.

Pins on a map are actually kids needing school lunches. A line on a spreadsheet is a person looking for work. Every key performance indicator shows progress being made obtaining housing for families or getting more people lifesaving fire equipment in a shorter amount of time.

Data works to enhance government so that you can enhance your communities and help them thrive.

GovEx will help you and your government get smarter and make better decisions through training, technical assistance, and advanced analytics support.


Simply stated, GovEx’s mission is to help governments use data to make informed decisions and improve people’s quality of life.

Check out our How We Work page to learn more about the ways we are supporting governments around the world.


In April of 2015, Michael R. Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York City, announced his What Works Cities initiative to advance the use of data and evidence in 100 mid-sized cities across the US by 2018.

Mayor Bloomberg saw there was no organization dedicated to train and support cities when it came to using tools like data management, performance, and analytics. To meet this need, he also launched the Center for Government Excellence (GovEx) at his alma mater, Johns Hopkins University.

Since then, we’ve worked in 100 cities around the world, trained over 2,000 government employees, and shared a wealth of information about best data practices and policies.