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Who We Are

GovEx’s mission is to help governments use data to make informed decisions and improve people’s quality of life.

In April of 2015, Johns Hopkins University launched GovEx to support What Works Cities, a Bloomberg Philanthropies initiative that helps cities use data and evidence to tackle their most pressing challenges. Since that time, GovEx has worked with over 140 governments around the world, and shared a wealth of information about best data practices and policies.

Our team of proud “data nerds” are passionate about government and believes it can accomplish great things for residents when given the tools and skills to use data to inform the best decisions. We know the more government can collect, manage, and analyze quality data, the better results can be achieved.

What We Do

GovEx helps you and your government get smarter and make better decisions through customized coaching (sometimes called “technical assistance”). When you partner with GovEx, we develop a plan to get you from where you are now with your data to where you want to be – solving problems and reaching goals based on that data. GovEx is committed to helping you increase your capacity to put data to use for your organization.

Our customized coaching focuses on a targeted project that will help you achieve a goal while we show you the most relevant data management, open data, performance management, and advanced analytics skills and practices. In the end, you will have a clear map of how to scale these practices throughout your organization to solve a multitude of challenges.

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Our Work

Coaching & Technical Assistance

Customized, in-depth coaching by an expert mentor who works one-on-one with city leaders and staff to improve a city’s data practices and solve key challenges that improve resident outcomes.

Research & Analytics

Bridge the gap between research and reality by developing resources, identifying and addressing policy and delivery challenges, evaluating interventions/solutions, and testing new approaches.

GovEx Academy

Curriculum offered to cities to upskill employees and improve data practices through self-guided courses and instructor-facilitated learning sessions.


Provide support to cities to deepen the bench of data thinkers across city hall / city agencies and attract new talent who can think about problem solving differently and to deepen the skills of experts who are committed to making sustained change in cities.

Impacting the lives of local residents

GovEx engaged with the City of Asheville to collaborate on their Economic Mobility focus area. As part of its engagement, GovEx provided both Data Use and Community Engagement training to support the city in their efforts.


Our Mission & Approach

Mission Statement

The Bloomberg Center for Government Excellence (GovEx) at Johns Hopkins University supports and coaches leaders and their teams to build a data-driven public sector that fairly and justly uses data, research, and analytics to better understand complex issues, engage residents, and implement policy interventions that lead to equitable outcomes and transforms the standard of living for underserved residents.

Equity Commitment

Johns Hopkins University is deeply committed to the dignity and equality of all persons – inclusive of sex, gender, marital status, pregnancy, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and veteran status.

In furtherance, the Bloomberg Center for Government Excellence is dedicated to addressing structural inequities by examining how implicit biases impact data analysis, performance management and data governance. In centering racial equity throughout our core operations and service delivery model, we are committed to becoming an anti-racist organization and recognize the public sector’s role in perpetuating these legacies over time. We commit to addressing them today.

Core Values

Our approach to service design keeps people at the center and data as the backbone.

We honor people and their experiences to create an inclusive culture.

We apply consistent standards and practices to ensure integrity in our approach

We practice self-awareness for continued learning and growth.

Clarity and Communication
We collaborate effectively through transparent and direct communication.