Who We Are

Our team of proud “data nerds” are passionate about government and believe it can accomplish great things for residents when given the tools and skills to use data to inform the best decisions. We know the more government can collect, manage, and analyze quality data, the better results can be achieved. GovEx’s mission is to help governments use data to make informed decisions and improve people’s quality of life.

What We Do

GovEx helps you and your government get smarter and make better decisions through customized coaching (sometimes called “technical assistance”). When you partner with GovEx, we develop a plan to get you from where you are now with your data to where you want to be – solving problems and reaching goals based on that data. GovEx is committed to helping you increase your capacity to put data to use for your organization. Our customized coaching focuses on a targeted project that will help you achieve a goal while we show you the most relevant data management, open data, performance management, and advanced analytics skills and practices. In the end, you will have a clear map of how to scale these practices throughout your organization to solve a multitude of challenges.

How We Do It

Working directly with GovEx means starting with an in-person, guided discussion of your current challenges and what issues you want to sort out using data. During this half-day workshop, we discuss how your government is gaining operational insights from your data. It’s a fun session where a cross-section of your team come together to share what they are, or not, doing with data.

Following the discovery workshop, our staff will make a recommendation to your team about how we can best support your use of data and meet the goals and priorities of your government’s leadership. You’ll receive a project plan showing how your customized coaching will help you achieve your goals and scale your data practices in a meaningful and accelerated way.

Because GovEx is dedicated to increasing the capacity of government, our technical assistance is based on a demonstration project that will help you achieve a priority goal, while we show you the most relevant skills and practices for using data. In the end, we will leave you with a clear map of how to scale these practices throughout your organization to solve a multitude of challenges.

US cities with populations under 30,000 can also apply to receive complimentary GovEx coaching by applying for What Works Cities Certification. Learn more about the What Works Cities initiative and Certification.

How We Got Here

In April of 2015, Johns Hopkins University launched GovEx to support What Works Cities, a Bloomberg Philanthropies initiative that helps cities use data and evidence to tackle their most pressing challenges. Since that time, GovEx has worked with over 140 governments around the world, and shared a wealth of information about best data practices and policies.