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GovEx Academy is the only training center designed and dedicated to improving data skills for the public sector workforce. Our courses focus on empowering public sector leaders and staff to manage, use, and communicate with data for public impact.

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GovEx Academy is migrating its courses to Canvas learning management system (LMS) as part of Johns Hopkins University’s transition to the new platform. You can access the new GovEx Academy platform here. During the transition, some courses will not yet be available on Canvas, and others will be open for enrollment in only English. These courses are still accessible on the Talent LMS. Once the transition is complete, these courses will no longer be available on Talent. If you have trouble accessing courses or have any questions, email

The ability to use data is of increasing importance for the public sector. But staying on the cutting edge of the ever-evolving data and analytics fields can be a challenge. GovEx Academy is here to help you stay current on the latest data skills necessary for the workforce. Alongside your government and NGO peers, you’ll be trained using your data and addressing the problems you face daily. 

We work within your schedule by offering a full suite of free online course modules that allow you to improve your skills on a flexible schedule. A certificate from Johns Hopkins University marks successful course completion, giving participants the recognition they deserve for building new capabilities to improve public impact. We also develop customized training programs for organizations alongside our government partners to ensure that our content is timely, relevant, and practical for on-the-ground practitioners, regardless of their focus.

Career Advancement

As you develop in your career as a government professional, continued learning is the key to expanding your impact and advancement. The world of data is changing fast, and our courses can help you stay on the cutting edge to ensure your personal and professional growth. 21st-century skills in data management, data analysis, and communicating with data will help set you apart from the field.

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    Flexibility and Cost

    At GovEx Academy, we work within your schedule — offering a full suite of online training that will deepen your skills in managing, analyzing, and communicating with data. We provide a range of courses from self-guided data fundamentals to 4-week courses on the most advanced data science techniques. You’ll be trained using your own data and solving the problems you face daily. Our courses are accessible to all public sector employees at no cost.

    Experienced Instructors from Johns Hopkins University

    All GovEx Academy instructors are former or current public sector employees who understand the demands and intricacies of your work. Supported by a team of curriculum designers and developers, they offer you high-level, accessible, and immediately applicable training.

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    On-site training with GovEx Academy

    Through GovEx Academy on-site training, we bring the classroom to you and tailor the content to fit your needs. On-site training offers cities a hands-on opportunity to build data usage skills, learn best practices, and interact face-to-face with seasoned experts about the skills critical for 21st Century cities.


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