Program Officer

We are seeking a Program Officer  who will oversee all phases of project management for programs that support both the strategic mission of the Associate Vice Provost for Public Sector Innovation and Design and the departmental goals of the Analytics Initiative within the Center for Government Excellence. You will participate in strategic planning and tactical execution of programs; facilitate communications between functional areas; coordinate the work of teams comprising all kinds of professionals. Program Officer will execute project management processes and methodologies to ensure projects are delivered on-time and within budget, and follow high quality standards. You will coordinate project plans, team and work assignments, guiding, and monitoring work efforts daily, identifying resource needs, performing quality review, and escalating functional, quality and timeline issues appropriately.

These efforts will also include setting agendas, coordinating and facilitating meetings, and taking notes and circulating to all appropriate parties. In addition to their project management efforts, the Program Officer will collaborate with others with program management responsibilities to ensure all programs maintain fidelity to our project management methodologies, best practices, and related standards.

The Program Officer must be someone with experience working in teams, with passion for encouraging and enabling an inclusive and dynamic work culture, and who can lead members of these teams to work autonomously. You will be expected to support externally-facing digital projects, as well across all of the AVP-PSID’s associated centers. To do so effectively, the Program Officer must be an excellent communicator, who is detail oriented while keeping an eye on the bigger picture.

The Program Officer must have a strategic mindset, leadership qualities, and an understanding of the AVP-PSID’s delivery methods, and informational software tools. You must also be able to advocate for project management across the organization.

You will report to the Deputy Director of the Analytics Team, who also serves as the Lead Program Coordinator in the Organization. Also, the Program Officer will work closely with the AVP-PSID’s operational unit, particularly the technology team, and its associated centers.

The AVP-PSID and its centers is committed to working with communities that are focused on ending legacies of structural, entrenched racism and oppression. The Program Officer must be willing to think about reimagined government, knowledge, and engagement models through the lens of dismantling these legacies.

Specific Duties & Responsibilities:

Program Management (70%)

  • Manage relationships and coordinate activities with diverse partners including numerous JHU schools and business units, including the President’s Office; philanthropic organizations; NGOs; vendors; and governments
  • Gain an understanding of end-user needs and experience with quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis using platforms such as Google Analytics
  • Identify and fill product gaps and create new ideas that grow market share, improve partner and funder experience, and drive growth
  • Translate requests into technical requirements and processes for our team of instructors and web and content developers and other important audiences
  • Scope and prioritize work based on internal and partner impact and capacity
  • Balance external partner requests with internal capacity and coordinate timelines across projects
  • Collect and analyze data from website monitoring software and other platforms, create reports, review and explain trends to support marketing, admission, program delivery, and program design for online education
  • Monitor project activities, outputs, and progress towards anticipated results

Leadership of Program Management Standards & Practices (25%)

  • Follow, suggest, and manage program-management-related governance processes, procedures, templates, and assist the Deputy Director/Lead Program Coordinator with encouraging/coaching other program managers and coordinators in the use of reporting and recording standards for the staff.
  • Help design the AVP-PSID’s program management software and the dashboards it propagates, in coordination with the Technology Officer and others on the operations team
  • Support Program Coordinators and other team members in multiple ways which may include:
    • Managing shared resources across programs and projects
    • Developing, and ensuring the use of project management methodologies, best practices, and standards across the organization
    • Providing coaching, mentoring, training, and oversight for Program Coordinators
    • Monitoring compliance with project management standards, policies, procedures, and templates
    • Managing project policies, procedures, templates, and other shared documentation
    • Motivate staff to promote and ensure project management best practices are implemented
    • Coordinating communication across centers, programs, projects

Other Duties as Assigned (5%)

  • Routine administrative responsibilities, including scheduling and document management

Minimum Qualifications (Mandatory):

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • 5 years of relevant experience


  • Master’s Degree
  • 3 years of relevant experience

* Applicants who do not meet the posted requirements but are completing their final academic semester/quarter will be considered eligible for employment and may be asked to provide additional information confirming their academic completion date. 

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience managing diverse teams, and all partners
  • Experience using project management
  • Experience managing projects or teams over several time zones
  • Experience managing all aspects of successful projects throughout their lifecycle

Special Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Knowledge of the public sector and its application of data and evidence
  • Knowledge of public health-related data and its application for public understanding
  • Understanding of qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Ability to engage people in a collaborative work environment
  • Team player with ability to manage workload across multiple programs and teams in a matrix organization.
  • Excellence in proactive reporting and communication
  • Experience managing regular communication with the diverse teams, principals, and partners
  • Proficiency using Asana
  • Excellent written, presentation, and research skills

Level of Independent Decision Making:

  • High level

Internal & External Contacts & Stakeholders.

  • JHU President’s Office – information exchange
  • JHU Communications Office – information exchange, negotiate
  • External vendors (e.g., software developers, graphic designers) – negotiate, manage
  • JHU Applied Physics Lab – negotiate, project manage
  • Bloomberg School of Public Health – coordination, information exchange, influence
  • Other JHU leaders and researchers – coordination, information exchange, influence
  • AVP-PSID’s Program Coordinators – convene and influence
  • AVP-PSID’s executive team – information exchange, consult
  • Public (e.g., Coronavirus Resource Center users) – information exchange