Academic Curriculum Manager

The Center for Government Excellence (GovEx) is seeking an Academic Curriculum Manager to design, develop, and launch the curriculum for the Center for Government Excellence GovEx aims to work with city leaders and stakeholders to use data and performance management to improve operations and promote equitable city service delivery that is reliable, quality, efficiently supplied and affordable by promoting data driven solutions and fostering collaboration that delivers impact at scale and improves resident outcomes. In partnership with the Practice Managers, the Academic Curriculum Manager will work to design GovEx’s curriculum, including the development and implementation of  data curriculum for cities across the US, Canada, and Latin America.

The Academic Curriculum Manager will be responsible for designing a blended learning experience through specialized interactions (e-learning courses and workshops, coaching calls, peer-to-peer learning), expertise from some of the field’s most accomplished practitioners, and non-partisan research to support evidence-based practices in government leading to measurable impact in the city. The Academic Manager partners with relevant stakeholders and builds relationships at all levels, with residents to elected officials. Serves as GovEx’s expert on government and non-profit skills training, proactively identifying opportunities to increase the effectiveness of government and non-profit leaders through data training and championing the value of sustained leader learning.

The Academic Curriculum Manager will be responsible for embedding an equity framework and ensuring the successful integration of GovEx’s service delivery model into the curriculum design. The role will also work with the Academic Curriculum Manager of the executive leadership program to align curriculum across programs. The curriculum will help Senior Advisors provide in-depth technical assistance and coaching to mayors and their staff to further develop their data practice skills, training provided to city leaders and human resource teams, city certification, and other technical assistance and training services provided through GovEx. In addition, the Academic Manager is responsible for managing a team of curriculum developers, instructional designers, and instructors.

We are seeking a highly skilled visionary with strong attention to strategy, execution, and delegation. In addition to real-world experience working with and training leaders in the public sector, the Academic Manager must be a strong leader with excellent management  and communication skills. The selected candidate must possess a proven track record of success in the public sector, have experience navigating an academic environment and designing and delivering curriculum for mayors or c-suite leaders.

The position reports to the Deputy Director GovEx, working closely with the applied research, training, and technical assistance teams and collaborating with subject-matter experts and staff responsible for technology and knowledge management.

Specific Duties & Responsibilities:

Staff Management  (40%)

  • Manage and supervise academic professionals, technical/support staff, and/or fellows
  • Hire, train, manage, supervise, and coach a team to set and achieve strategic goals and support a values-based organization and team culture
  • Assign staff to projects and oversee their successful completion of these efforts
  • Develops, recommends, and administers policies, procedures, and processes in support of programmatic operations
  • Implements and monitors compliance with approved policies, procedures, and processes.
  • Managing all phases of the team and workflow
  • In collaboration with the Deputy Director, serve as hiring manager, including development of job descriptions, onboarding, and evaluation plans
  • Manage ongoing professional development of staff and career pathing to improve team talent, skills, and capacity

Program Development (35%)

    • Collaborate with the Practice Managers to understand GovEx’s organizational goals, planning, and strategic development.
    • Lead the development, implementation, growth, and evaluation of GovEx’s curriculum for government and nonprofit staff
    • Receive consultation from the Practice Manager on data use and performance management content for GovEx’s training
    • Partner with the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer and Practice Manager to perform job task analysis and needs assessments in the form of surveys, focus groups, research, and/or interviews
    • Establishing instructional design standards and culturally relevant learnings
    • Facilitate professional learning sessions for implementing and maintaining effective online instruction for staff
    • Serve as a consultant in coaching SMEs, trainers, and facilitators promoting demand-driven, customized training and educational services delivered for state, national, and international public and nonprofit organizations
    • Work with professionals from the United States, Latin America, and Canada to develop a comprehensive curriculum and learning experience for government and nonprofit leaders
    • Work closely with the learning management system lead and Monitoring and Evaluation Officer on deploying learning modalities and reporting on learning outcomes
    • Collaborate with outside institutions and organizations to develop approaches and materials that are locally applicable
    • Promote innovative methods, technologies, and approaches in areas where traditional methods have been ineffective or not applicable
    • Stay current with state-of-the-art developments and trends in the area of e-learning and in-person learning, course development, and presentation
    • Maintain an understanding of trends in teaching government and nonprofit leaders about government data usage, performance management, and analytics
    • Overseeing the development of assessment methods and competencies for completion
    • Partner with Program Managers and Monitoring and Evaluation Officer to develop and deploy  program evaluation methods
    • Use feedback and evaluations to make continual improvements to programs, and measure program outcomes and impacts
    • Align team level goals with operational and company-wide goals and objectives
    • Analyze previous course evaluations and determine the best methods of presentation for the complete course/module
    • Attend design sessions with the Director and Deputy Director of GovEx and other staff to align  with in-depth technical assistance, coaching, training, certification and other services provided to city leaders and human resource teams through GovEx

Program Management  (15%)

  • Partner regularly with the Deputy Director to develop short-term and long-term learning strategies and objectives, and detail the progress and status of various priorities with partner organizations and funders
  • Manage multiple learning opportunities with staff, partner organizations, and philanthropic funders in collaboration with the GovEx Deputy Director
  • Identify new opportunities to improve internal academic processes that allow the successful implementation of GovEx training and coaching
  • Partner with the Program Coordinator to maintain regular tracking of the development of GovEx’s curriculum through Asana and provide updates to funders as needed
  • Manage budgeting and spending for curriculum development and implementation throughout the fiscal year
  • Plans, organizes, facilitates and orders supplies for employee development and training events
  • Provides expert assistance and leadership in defining and continuously improving the program’s approach to training design, delivery and evaluation ensuring compliance with funder standards
  • Assist with the analysis, planning, organization, technical direction, development, review, and evaluation of learning events

Internal and External Relations (10%)

  • Partner with the Deputy Director of GovEx to align the program with in-depth technical assistance, coaching, training, certification and other services provided to city leaders and human resource teams through GovEx
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with city leaders, elected officials, nonprofit leaders, and other critical stakeholders
  • Partner with the Practice Managers to identify best practices and subject matter experts in data use and management to support the curriculum
  • Representing GovEx to external stakeholders including governments, philanthropic and nonprofit organizations, and academic and public sector leaders
  • Conduct outreach to government and nonprofit leaders in support of GovEx training and coaching
  • Communicate and attend meetings with internal and external partners regarding program logistics
  • Collaborate with internal and external evaluators to track and report program participation and demographics
  • Establish a regular team presence during sessions

Minimum Qualifications (Mandatory):

  • Bachelor’s Degree in related field
  • Five years of related experience