Performance Analytics: Tools & Techniques

Developed and taught by experienced practitioners from GovEx, this online course equips local government employees with the necessary knowledge and tools to understand, promote, and implement open data and performance analytics programs in their cities.

The Summer 2017 eight-week session starts July 19, with future dates to be announced.

How Do I Apply?

Admission for the Summer 2017 session is closed. To be considered for a future course, please complete the online application form.

Admission is currently open to What Works Cities participating city staff. All students who successfully complete the course will receive a full scholarship provided by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

What Can I Expect to Learn?

Upon completion of this eight-week online course, you will be able to:

  • Leverage data to improve budget, operational, and policy decision making
  • Foster a culture of data-based decision making within your city
  • Develop innovative solutions to common problems
  • Share your data story with internal and external stakeholders

(View a sample course syllabus)

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is best suited for supervisors and mid-level managers (or those aspiring to be in those roles) who want to explore how open data, performance analytics, and other data practices can benefit their government or organization and who are looking for analytics training that will challenge them to think beyond spreadsheets and performance measures. We recommend that students have a working knowledge of basic spreadsheet functions. 

What Is The Expected Time Commitment? 

Each week, participants spend approximately five hours on the course, viewing pre-recorded video and/or multimedia presentations, completing activities, contributing to online discussions, and participating in live (but virtual) “office hours.” Students will have multiple opportunities to interact with the instructors and others in the class. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a Johns Hopkins University Certificate of Completion.

What Do Past Students Say?

“I think this is a great course if you are thinking of doing or have started down the road of open data and open performance. Learning the history and reading real world examples is very interesting and helps bring the concepts to life.”

“I really enjoyed the course and how comprehensive it was in covering all the facets of performance analytics. Those of us who work in this field are a rare (but growing) breed. It was just great to interact with the network of professionals trying to advance the use of data and evidence in local government. Bravo for putting this together!”

“There was a great balance between readings and discussions. It was really helpful to have assignments that used real world examples, and it was great hearing from and reading about how other cities are approaching similar obstacles that we face.”

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