NAPA, GovEx join forces to expand support for local governments

Mar 8, 2024 | Blog

Left to right, Tony Spearman-Leach, NAPA Director of Development and Philanthropy, Gillian Townsend, NAPA Business Development and Philanthropy Manager, Rudy De Leon Dinglas, GovEx Director of Planning and Operations, Terry Gerton, NAPA President and CEO, Amy Edwards Holmes, GovEx Executive Director, Joseph Mitchell, NAPA Director of Strategic Initiatives, Latricia Boone, GovEx Senior Director of Strategy and Partnerships, NAPA Academy Fellow G. Edward DeSeve, and NAPA Academy Fellow Robert Shea

The National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) and the Bloomberg Center for Government Excellence (GovEx) at Johns Hopkins University, two of the nation’s leading organizations supporting the public sector, have signed a memorandum of understanding to “collaborate on efforts to build capacity in city governments.”

The two non-profit organizations have a shared goal of supporting governments as they develop solutions to some of the most significant challenges impacting their constituents. GovEx provides technical assistance, research, and analytics to help governments, primarily cities, use data to make informed, effective decisions and improve quality of life. NAPA leverages the experience and expertise of its Fellows to produce independent research and studies that advance the field of public administration in strategic partnership with all levels of government and sectors.

GovEx and NAPA have collaborated informally in the past, but the new partnership will allow the organizations to strengthen their engagement, working together to advance research, training, and thought leadership to address the emerging challenges facing the public sector.

“As a Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration, I’m excited to partner with NAPA to tap into the vast knowledge, insight and experience of their network and to strengthen the intergovernmental coordination across all levels of government,” says Amy Edwards Holmes, Executive Director of GovEx. “As local officials try to keep up with emerging challenges and constantly evolving technology, this collaboration will help us improve services to the communities we serve.”

Leaders from GovEx and NAPA gathered at the new Hopkins Bloomberg Center last week to discuss the collaborations that may emerge from the partnership, including convenings, new research, and shared training modules.

“We know local government leaders face capacity and resource shortfalls as they try to meet the needs of their communities,” says Terry Gerton, President and CEO of NAPA.  “That’s why we’re excited to work with GovEx to bring our research on the Grand Challenges in Public Administration and the expertise of our Academy Fellows to these leaders to help them fill the gap and deliver better government.”