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Watch: Boosting minority-owned business contracting in Asheville

The 2018 Disparity Study revealed a deep divide in the City of Asheville’s business contracting landscape. While contracting opportunities have been plentiful, the study revealed that those contracts left many minority-owned businesses behind.

What does this mean for the community at large? And what can the city do about it? GovEx’s engagement with the City of Asheville took a look into addressing these questions, helping Asheville actively engage with the community – particularly minority and under-served demographics – to better understand constituents’ struggles and discover whether efforts to address them are bearing fruit. 

Following GovEx’s technical assistance, Asheville city leaders are working to address generations-old economic mobility and business inequity challenges for their community.

How could your city benefit from this kind of communication? Do you engage with your citizens to better understand their needs? How can GovEx help? Contact us at to learn more about our work with cities.


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