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Episode 53: Refocusing Tempe on Data

About two years ago, Tempe, Arizona’s mayor and council committed to moving towards more transparent and data informed decision making. Since that time, the city has passed an open data policy, developed an active open data program, created Tempe Accelerates — a regular City Manager led, data focused strategy session that’s open to the public — and launched a new tool for performance based budgeting. Collectively, it all represents quite a bit of change in the way that Tempe decisions are made and shared with the public.

As we continue our miniseries on data and culture change, in this episode we’ll speak with Rosa Inchausti from Tempe. Rosa is Tempe’s first Director of Strategic Management and Diversity, and she’s supported a significant change process throughout the city. We hear first hand from Rosa how she accomplished the challenging task of bringing people on board with Tempe’s new data focus and the many excellent ideas she has for making organizational culture change effective and authentic.


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