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Data Points Podcast Episode 36 - Water and Data in California

Nothing is more critical to people’s lives than water. Local governments across the US usually do such a good job of providing safe, clean water that it’s often overlooked. However, recent high profile incidents in Flint, MI (lead), and in California (drought) have brought water and local government back into the conversation.

In this episode, Sharon and Eric sat down to talk with Patrick Atwater, a Civic Data Scientist with ARGO (Advanced Research in Government Operations) and the Project Manager for the California Data Collaborative. Patrick joined us to talk water data in California, using data science tools at the local government level, and building partnerships among governments to help tackle big problems.

If you want to learn more about Patrick’s projects, check out the Github page on open source analytics developed with the California Data Collaborative and the street quality work that is currently scaling to more cities. Also feel free to get in touch with the GovEx team via our contact page and we can connect you to additional resources.

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