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Data Points Podcast Episode 33 - Data Science Done Right

Data science is a hot topic among many cities. But few are doing it right. Understanding the buzzwords, data quality needs, skill sets, and what kinds of  government problems lend themselves to data science techniques is challenging. All cities need guidance in how to structure problems, implement data science techniques, and use the results to improve outcomes for residents.

With that in mind, GovEx’s Director of Analytics Carter Hewgley had a conversation with two leading thinkers and practitioners in the government data science world, Rayid Ghani and Hunter Owens. Rayid is a data science guru and involved in a variety of data projects through his positions at the University of Chicago. Hunter is a data scientist for the City of Los Angeles and has worked on data science projects related to education, bike shares, food trucks, and more.

To learn more about Rayid and Hunter and their work, check out personal websites (Rayid and Hunter) and the Data Science for Social Good Fellowship.

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