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Data Points Podcast Episode 34 - Compared to Jackson

Comparing budget data is no easy task for cities. Categories aren’t standardized, budget cycles often don’t align, and each city funds its priorities differently according to the governmental structure, age, and size among other factors. However, cities need to be able to compare budget and spending data in order to understand how their spending is affecting their priorities in context.

To help Jackson, Mississippi, tackle this problem the GovEx team developed a tool called “Compared to Jackson.” The tool allowed city officials to compare their spending and budget data to other cities deemed comparable by a GovEx machine learning algorithm. This week, GovExers Sheila Dugan and Nick Hadjigeorge join Data Points to talk about their work on the project and takeaways for other cities to replicate this process.

To learn more about Compared to Jackson, check out the GovEx Github page and to see the tool in use check out the Jackson Budget page.

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