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Data Points Podcast Episode 38 - Analog Hacking in Louisville

Organizing a hackathon is common concept for the civic tech movement. Bringing people together to solve a problem in a short period of time creates urgency, community, and a sense of shared purpose using data. However, hackathons can seem exclusive to certain members of a community unless planned with accessibility and data literacy in mind.

In this episode, Eric chats with Michael Schnuerle and Ed Blayney of Louisville’s Office of Performance Improvement and Innovation about how they used an analog hackthon to engage a variety of staff members across the city around data. Using printouts and transparencies to show map layers of a variety of data types, the team in Louisville brought together employees from across the city to brainstorm solutions for a Louisville neighborhood. This technique helped to engage staff and spur ideas in new ways than a traditional hackathon.

The team in Louisville is also working on a variety of data related projects including a housing redlining map that was the Harvard Ash Center’s map of the month, a partnership with Waze to make more traffic data available to the city, and helping more people get access to dataIf you want to learn more about the projects discussed on the podcast and other cool ideas the Louisville team is working on, get in touch with the GovEx team and we can connect you to the right people.

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