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Data Points Podcast Episode 46 - Algorithms, Law, and Openness

Many people know about algorithms. But we often don’t know much about them and how they work. In Episode 39 Weapons of Math Destruction, guest Cathy O’Neill described the basics of applications of algorithms in government. Today, we’re going deeper with law professors and reseachers Bob Brauneis and Ellen Goodman to talk about openness and algorithms in the US.

In this episode, we tap into Bob and Ellen’s expertise in law and government to talk through how open records laws apply to algorithms. Through their work at George Washington University School of Law and Rutgers University School of Law respectively, they dig into areas such as freedom of information requests, information law, and public policy related to openness of government. They also worked together to publish a forthcoming paper, Algorithmic Transparency for the Smart City, which details their efforts to catalog responses to public information requests on algorithms.

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