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Performance Based Budgeting (June 2016 Office Hours)

Many cities see “performance-based budgeting (PBB)” as a fundamental and powerful practice in their governing transformation. But how do you turn an existing budgeting process into one that is performance-based (or at least performance-informed)? Who is doing it well? What can cities realistically expect from performance-budgeting efforts? What are the key things to get right and the key things to avoid? In this office hours, we speak to budgeting and performance experts from across the country to understand how local governments are (and are not) infusing performance into their budgeting processes and learn tips on how governments can make their resource allocation processes more performance informed.

The discussion features:

  • Alexandra Holtthe Budget Director for the City of Chicago who understands the challenges behind performance-based budgeting on a large scale.
  • Bill Yake, the Director of Performance at the Department of Management and Budget in Fairfax County Virginia, which has a long history with performance-based budgeting.
  • Lena Geraghty, GovEx Analyst who wrote a resource for cities about performance-based budgeting based on the practices she learned from cities around the country.
  • Carter Hewgley (moderator), the Director of Analytics & Performance at GovEx 

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