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Mike Flowers and GovEx Launch Advanced Data Analytics Program

When half of New York City’s sewage drains were clogged with cooking oil, who found the restaurants that were illegally dumping? Who found the city’s buildings most prone to fires? Who sped the removal of dangerous trees after Superstorm Sandy? Data that’s who! Data…with the help of Mike Flowers. During his tenure establishing Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics, Flowers gained wide acclaim for leading a team able to solve complex and pressing city problems using advanced data analytics.

Mike Flowers

Mike Flowers joins GovEx as What Works Cities Senior Fellow

Starting this month, the former New York City Chief Analytics Officer joins GovEx to extend his expertise and leadership to cities across the US. As the inaugural What Works Cities (WWC) Senior Fellow, Flowers will help other city leaders use advanced data analytics to improve government decision making.

Flowers will oversee GovEx’s new Analytics Kick Start program. With assistance from Flowers and the GovEx team, selected What Works cities will launch projects that will provide genuine improvements in government service delivery via data analytics, as well as lay a foundation for a politically resilient data and evidence driven decision support infrastructure. These cities will develop quantitative support for public safety, public health, infrastructure development, finance, economic development, disaster preparedness and response, legislative sustainability, or human services efforts.

Analytics Kick Start will offer data analytics workshops and hands on technical assistance to What Works cities and create a connected community of city analytics practitioners. In addition, GovEx and Flowers will help Analytics Kick Start cities:

  • Identify and launch specific service delivery optimization projects appropriate for analytics-driven interventions, and monitor progress of the projects over time
  • Socialize and create analytics units to oversee and support data-driven decision making capacity
  • Align analytics and open data/performance management efforts

GovEx will capture the Kick Start program’s best practices in our growing library of analytics resources, so other governments can learn from Flowers, too.

If you have a question about advanced data analytics, post it in our Q&A forum. Or learn more about Mike Flowers and his take on analytics by listening to our December 2015 Office Hours, which includes low cost ways to launch data science practices in your government.




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