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Many cities recognize the importance of taking a community level approach to improving health outcomes for residents. These cities are thinking about how traditional civic goals are necessarily supported by measure of social determinants of health that cut across departments like housing, recreation, and police departments. In collaboration with the Bloomberg American Health Initiative, GovEx shares findings on the latest research and recommendations on improving health outcomes.


Baltimore Case Study on the Successful Implementation of Naloxone Distribution & Training

Detecting Fentanyl. Saving Lives. (external link)


Local food systems are critical to healthy communities, food security, and economic development. GovEx has teamed up with the Center for a Livable Future (CLF) to bring resources to cities to support them in using data to support day to day management and planning of local food systems. Through our virtual conversations, practitioners share their insights and experience in fostering a robust local food community.

Finding food in your city government (webinar and resources)

3 Ways Cities Can Prepare for a Resilient Food System Before a Crisis

Trump’s proposed Census budget may increase food insecurity


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