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Episode 54: Tactical Data Use with Sunlight

Enabling more use of public data is a key challenge for cities across the country. This week, we will be talking with our partners from the Sunlight Foundation about their efforts to improve Tactical Data Engagement. For this episode, we’re joined by Stephen Larrick, Open Cities Director at Sunlight. Stephen leads all city-focused work for Sunlight, including work we’ve done together on open data through the What Works Cities Initiative.

Sunlight’s recent work has focused increasingly on putting city data to use. To do that, they have piloted a technique called Tactical Data Engagement. Madison, WI, was one of their pilot sites and through a focus on equitable neighborhoods they were able to build user personas and a public data use toolkit for residents to use. Many cities are also interested in this work and through a recent workshop, Sunlight and cities were able to generate 39 fresh ideas for community use of open data for cities across the country to use.

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    Best view i have ever seen !

    Best view i have ever seen !

    Best view i have ever seen !
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