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Data Points Podcast Episode 52 - Culture Shifts in Durham, NC

This week we’re starting a mini-series on data and culture change. We will be taking a look at several different approaches to building a culture of data use with city partners from around the country. For this episode, we’re joined by Josh Edwards of Durham, NC. Josh is the Strategic Plan Director in the budget department and also the director of the city’s Innovation Team. Josh oversees a variety of projects related to data in the city and has built several initiatives to help spread data use across the city.

The initiatives in Durham span a wide range of topics from innovation in criminal justice to creating a lab where employees can experiment on all sorts of topics. However all of the projects focus on building internal capacity to solve problems with data. Whether employees are using the strategic plan goal dashboard, the Durham Open Data Portal, or the Neighborhood Compass, they’re all focused on using data to better serve residents.


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