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Data Points Podcast Episode 4 – Taking Data to the Next Level in San Francisco

The City of San Francisco is often thought of as a leader in technology and data-driven government. The city’s Chief Data Officer Joy Bonaguro joins us to discuss how that reputation became a reality and how data is making San Francisco a better city for all its residents.

As the city’s (and county’s) first chief data officer, Joy has a unique perspective on integrating data in the daily life of government. Prior to joining the City, Joy worked from the birth of the open data and open government field, spending seven years designing and managing the development of information systems to support planning and decision-making at  Greater New Orleans Community Data. She also worked at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to help develop technology, cyber and privacy policy working closely with both the National Lab CIO Council and the Department of Energy Information Management Advisory Group.

In our discussion, Joy touches on a variety of topics including, overcoming the challenges she faced in changing government culture, building a strong data network and inventory, and making data easy to use. To find out more about San Francisco’s use of data, check out or get in touch with GovEx

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