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Data Points Podcast Episode 10 - 600,000 Trees and A Map

Nearly 30,000 acres of land. 600,000 trees on city streets. How does the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation manage so much of the city?

“Everything starts with a map,” says Jacqueline Lu, NYC Parks Director of Data Analytics. Visualizing and analyzing data to understand how all the assets it oversees is the Department’s fundamental approach.

In this episode, Andrew chats with Jackie not just about what data usage on such a scale looks like, but also about the Parks’ street trees census. The Department is in the midst of its third such census now. Because NYC Parks relies heavily on 2,500 volunteers to collect tree census data, the project is also a community stewardship opportunity.

Learn more about the New York City Department of Parks by visiting or following them on Twitter @nycparks.

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