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Data Points Episode 44 - Data Standards Directory

Data standards — what are they, where do you find them, and how should you use them?

On this week’s episode of Data Points, we are highlighting the launch a new data standards directory which has be cocreated by GovEx and GeoThink at McGill University.

Our guests are two people who were instrumental to building the directory, Rachel Bloom who is now a Project Lead for Open Smart Cities at Open North, but previously of McGill University, and GovEx’s own Director of Data Practices, Andrew Nicklin.

Together, we will discuss not just data standards, but the first of its kind data standards directory. We are eager to hear your feedback on whether you find the directory comprehensive, helpful, or needing more care, so please be sure to leave comments below or by contacting us at

More information on what we discuss this week can be found at:


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