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Data Points Episode 28 - Povilas Poderskis Podcast

Data use is exploding across governments not only in the US, but around the world as well. To dive deeper into the international waters, Data Points is hosting a series of discussions focusing on data use outside the US. We’ll be talking with practitioners and policy makers from around the world about how data use is changing in their locations and how they relate to changes in the US.

As part of our continuing miniseries looking at government and data outside the US, this week we were lucky to be in Vilnius, Lithuania. There, we sat down with the Mayor’s Advisor, Povilas Poderskis to talk about how the Municipality is creating, leveraging, and publishing data to improve transparency and service delivery.

GovEx has been working with Vilnius on developing its open data and performance practices, and specifically helping parents make better informed kindergarten school choices for their children. In this episode, we talk to Povilas about this project, as well as the current state of open data and transparency in Vilnius and in Lithuania at large.

The Municipality is using data not just to inform education-related decisions, but for urban planning, transit, and infrastructure, as well. Povilas shares his insights on how Vilnius successfully partners with its local civic tech community, private industries, and the Lithuanian national government.

Patikti! [Enjoy!]

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