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Welcome to the Data Points Podcast

Welcome to GovEx Data Points, a podcast focusing on all things data and government! This is our first ever episode, so thanks for listening. In this episode, we’ll walk through some background information on GovEx and provide an introduction to what we plan to cover in future episodes.

The podcast is brought to you by the team at the Center for Government Excellence at Johns Hopkins University, or GovEx for short. We’re a team of data fanatics focusing on helping government use data more effectively. We work with hand-in-hand with governments around the world on open data and performance analytics projects designed to improve outcomes for residents. We also provide training and resources for governments to help improve their data use.

Each week we’ll examine a particular example of data use in government. We’ll explore examples from our own work at GovEx, the research of Johns Hopkins professors, and innovative practitioners from around the world. Sometimes we’ll focus on success stories and other times on challenges, but in all cases, the bottom line will be to learn how better use of data and evidence can help governments improve decision-making and ultimately, outcomes for people.

Like Data? Listen and Get in Touch

We’ll be aiming to produce one podcast each week and you can find it in several ways.

As we continue with future episodes, we of course want to make sure that we’re meeting our listeners needs. So get in touch with us and let us know what you want to hear, suggest potential episodes, and give us feedback on how the podcast is going. You can contact us on Twitter at Gov_Ex or reach out via our website at


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