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Community Engagement: How to Help Residents Solve Problems

Cities are using a variety of methods to help their communities address concerns and get in touch with government more easily. By interfacing with residents directly and following up on calls for service, cities are able to demonstrate their commitment to bringing residents into the governing process and engage in a continual feedback loop with the public. Some cities are tackling resident problems by developing applications internally and in partnership with external stakeholders. Other cities are using existing structures to get insights from their communities. The important part is opening up lines of communication between residents and government and encouraging public participation in governmental processes.

Questions to Consider:

  • Are there problems in the city that can or should be addressed with public input?
  • Do you have a relationship with your city’s tech community? Do you have in-house development capability?
  • Are there any existing structures or systems in place to solve this problem?
  • What questions can you ask to find out the type of tech solutions that your city’s residents would find helpful?
  • What systems are used internally that may also have value for the public?


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