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Budget Proposal Criteria in Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga, TN, releases its budget proposal scoring criteria to ensure a level playing field for all proposal writers. In 2016, the city revised its proposal framework and concentrated on the following five areas to clarify the process for writers and reduce the amount of time its Results Teams were spending evaluating each proposal.


Chattanooga’s Budget Proposal Scoring Criteria

Scoring CriteriaGuiding Assessment Questions
Impact on ChattanoogaTo what extent does this improve the lives of Chattanooga residents?
Advances Priority Results AreaTo what extent will this advance City priorities? (Smarter Students, Stronger Families; Safer Streets; High Performing Government; Growing Economy; Stronger Neighborhoods)
Implementation PlanDoes the proposed implementation plan provide a clear, feasible roadmap to achieve your outcome goals?
MeasuresDo you have the measures in place to know if you are achieving the proposed outcomes?
ApproachDoes the offer choose the optimal route to achieve the outcomes? (Demonstrated with benchmarks, proven methods, partner collaborations, and with clarity on how your solution fits into the larger work on the issue being addressed)


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