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Budget Funding Criteria in Baltimore, MD

For the Safer Streets priority, Baltimore, MD’s Results Team is made up of representatives from the Police Department, Office of Emergency Management, Transportation, Budget Analyst, Health Department, a community member, and a Mayor’s Office liaison. In addition to giving priority consideration of funding to proposals that would advance its goals and strategies, Baltimore requires agencies to respond to the following criteria.

Baltimore’s Criteria for Budget Proposals

ValueProposals that demonstrate good value tell us what we can expect to be delivered per dollar spent. Value is a measure of both efficiency and the effectiveness of a service.
Strength of alignment with the Priority Outcome, Goals, and StrategiesSuccessful proposals must be clearly align with the city’s stated priorities and strategies.


InnovationInnovative proposals demonstrate new solutions or the degree to which the service improves or re-engineers the way a service is currently delivered. Even high-value services, as they currently are delivered, have areas for improvement.
Multiple Priority OutcomesWe seek proposals that demonstrate the ability to address multiple Priority Outcomes concurrently.
LeverageWe seek proposals that demonstrate the ability to leverage other funds or resources for service delivery, and/or collaborate with other internal or external entities. Partnerships can also be with neighborhood groups or other non-service providers.
Evidence-basedWe seek proposals that deliver a service that is proven effective through empirical data or professional best practices. This can be an agency’s data gathered through CitiStat or some other performance measurement effort, or reliable data gathered by another organization.
Part of a Strategic PlanWe seek proposals that advance an existing or emerging strategic plan. Strategic Plans outline clear goals and objectives with specific action items, funding sources, individual roles, and time lines. Examples include the Sustainability Plan, Comprehensive Master Plan, Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness, Birth Outcomes Plan, etc.
Customer Service FocusWe seek proposals that focus on providing excellent customer service. Think of customers broadly and to include internal customers, such other City agencies or City staff members, and external customers, including citizens and users of City services.


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