Data Points Podcast Episode 15 – Seattle’s Plan for Openness

Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the US and has long been known for being data-savvy due its association with companies like Amazon and Microsoft. However, it’s not just the private sector that’s promoting innovation and data use. The City of Seattle also works hard on incorporating data, being open about its practices, and pushing the envelope on providing better services to residents.

This week guest host Matt Raifman and I talked with Candace Faber, Civic Technology Advocate for the City of Seattle, about what the city is doing to better use data to support residents. As the first ever person in this role, Candace connects actors across the technology and civic ecosystems to advance the Mayor’s vision for Seattle to be a safe, affordable, vibrant, innovative, and connected city. Candace also helped champion the recent release of Seattle’s Open Data Playbook, which helps guide city staff through the process of opening data.

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