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How do we change the culture of our organization to be more data friendly?

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An organization’s culture is a complex interaction of many elements. At GovEx, we describe culture as the difference between what you tolerate and don’t tolerate. Changing culture is hard, but not impossible. The secrets are: don't try to "eat the elephant" in one bite and don't expect to get it right the first time. Successful culture changes often come after several misfires which create a learning opportunity for everyone. As your organization progresses on its journey toward becoming a culture more adept with data, there are some straight-forward tips to guide your efforts.

Begin by identifying the positive aspects of your current culture and play to those strengths. Then get specific about the culture you want and describe what it should look and feel like from within. Next focus on changing and promoting the factors, behaviors, and conditions that influence and reinforce the culture you want. Anticipate resistance and account for it in your execution strategy. Finally, measure your progress periodically across multiple dimensions, such as evidence of culture change, performance on core operations, and demonstration of shifting attitudes.

For more information on culture change, read the GovEx publication “Changing Culture."

Answered January 24, 2016