Data Points Podcast Episode 37 – Maps and More

Maps are everywhere throughout our lives. Whether using Google Maps, Yelp, riding the bus, or hiking at a national park, maps can turn data into easily consumable and useful information. However, making and using maps also comes with pitfalls that savvy data users should be aware of.

In this episode Eric and Rebecca talk with Lyzi Diamond, an engineer at Mapbox on the API team, to talk maps and all things internet. Lyzi is an experienced map maker and user having spent time at the State of Oregon Department of Geology and as a Code for America fellow. Our discussion included how Lyzi got into maps, how the internet works for maps, and common pitfalls to keep in mind when using maps.

If you want to learn more about Lyzi’s projects, check out and specifically check out her posts on How the Internet Works and on Geographic Data Assumptions. If you have additional resources on mapping we should check out, feel free to get in touch with the GovEx team via our contact page.

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