Data Points Podcast Episode 30 – Delivering with Data in Buenos Aires

Data use is exploding across governments not only in the US, but around the world as well. To dive deeper into the international waters, Data Points is hosting a series of discussions focusing on data use outside the US. We’ll be talking with practitioners and policy makers from around the world about how data use is changing in their locations and how they relate to changes in the US.

As the final part in our continuing miniseries looking at government and data outside the US, this week we sat down with Martin Alessandro from the government of the City of Buenos Aires. GovEx has been working with Buenos Aires on a variety of topics, including helping the city’s delivery unit work with departments to set and meet public goals. Martin is the head of the city’s delivery unit, which reports to the Mayor and is designed to drive increased performance across the entire city government.

Delivery units first became popular with the launch of the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit in the United Kingdom and have since expanded to other regions and government types. Delivery units are similar to “stat” programs that are more prevalent in the US in that both focus heavily on using data to get better outcomes for governments. In our conversation, Martin explains about how his unique academic and public policy background helps position the delivery unit, how the unit is working to build on public commitments, and how the city is overcoming challenges to improve outcomes for residents.

Check out these links to learn more about Buenos Aires, the delivery unit, and Mayor Larreta’s public commitments.

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