Applied Research

Local governments are increasingly on the front lines of addressing large scale problems with global implications, such as climate change, public safety, and economic inequality. While evidence-based interventions to help solve those problems are available, local government staff have limited time and capacity to find and implement research-based solutions. As a result, cities continue to work the way they always have — making incremental improvements to programs but not always creating change at a system-level. Through resource development and collaboration with Johns Hopkins University faculty, GovEx is supporting city leaders in using data and evidence to make decisions and creating lasting relationships with researchers.

Communities of Practice:

Roadmap for Policy Change

GovEx created A Roadmap for Policy Change for cities, and with input from cities, to facilitate a new way to help municipalities rethink the way they solve problems and address the most salient policy challenges in urban governance.

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Smart Gov & Technology

As cities explore ways to be responsive to resident needs through using data and technology to improve service delivery, GovEx will share promising practices, stories, and guidance on this emerging sector.
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Education & Workforce

In partnership with the Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy (IEP), Bloomberg American Health Initiative, Baltimore’s Promise, and others, GovEx focuses on supporting cities in improving educational and workforce outcomes for all residents, with a special focus on Opportunity Youth.

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Health & Social Services

Many cities recognize the importance of taking a community level approach to improving health outcomes for residents. These cities are thinking about how traditional civic goals are necessarily supported by measure of social determinants of health that cut across departments like housing, recreation, and police departments. In collaboration with the Bloomberg American Health Initiative, GovEx shares findings on the latest research and recommendations on improving health outcomes.

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GovEx knows from our own experience, and from the Menino Survey of Mayors, that housing affordability is top of mind for Mayors. The Housing Community of Practice provides policy briefs and resources on this and other topics that are critical to the health and growth of cities and their residents.

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