How We Work

With so much data, spreadsheets, reports, charts, and databases, putting them together to transform your government can seem difficult at first. But GovEx can get you started (and take you beyond). We’ve developed a system of trainings, technical assistance, resources, and other supports that are practical and can easily fit into your busy routine. If you are interested in working with GovEx beyond our freely available resources, please contact us.


Working directly with GovEx means starting with an in-person, guided discussion of your current challenges and what issues you want to sort out using data. During this half-day workshop, we discuss how your government is gaining operational insights from your data.  It’s a fun session where a cross-section of your team come together to share what they are, or not, doing with data.

Following the discovery workshop, our staff will make a recommendation to your team about how we can best support  your use of data and meet the goals and priorities of your government’s leadership.


To stay on the cutting edge of government transformation in the ever-evolving field of data usage, it’s important to keep your skills, approaches, and governance current. To support you in this, GovEx offers:

  • Online courses
  • On site workshops
  • Webinars
  • Office hours
  • Self-guided tutorials

The catalogue of available trainings is constantly changing based on the needs of our partner governments and GovEx identified best practices. Contact us to learn more about our specific trainings or how we can build curriculum to meet your needs.


While training is critical, technical assistance can really help a government scale its data practices in a meaningful and accelerated way. After a discovery session, our team may recommend technical assistance to help solve a particular challenge you’re facing.

Because GovEx is dedicated to increasing the capacity of government, our technical assistance is based on a demonstration project that will help you achieve a goal (such as decreasing the number of nonemergency 911 requests or improving cycling safety on roadways), while we show you the most relevant skills and practices for using data. From there, we will leave you with a clear map of how to scale these practices throughout your organization to solve a multitude of challenges.

Our technical assistance includes:


Beyond our team, there is a lot to be learned from about government data, which is why we’ve built a network of your peers, Johns Hopkins researchers, policy experts, and data thought leaders you can access for answers to all your pressing questions. We continuously plug the practical thinking and recommendations of these experts back into our resources, trainings, and technical assistance.


A big part of the GovEx ethos is the free and open exchange of ideas. That’s why we have created an ever-expanding library of content to help you and your team figure out how to better use data in your day to day practice.

We encourage you to download and retool any of the below to meet your government’s specific needs.

  • Wiki Entries
  • How To’s
  • Examples of Excellence
  • Templates
  • Blog Posts
  • Podcasts
  • Visualizations
  • Case Studies
  • Definitions
  • Videos
  • Maps