Data Points Podcast Episode 14 – Using Data to Curb Gun Violence

Gun violence is an issue that plagues many major cities in the US. It is a complex and politically fraught issue, with a variety of causes and strategies to address it. This week, we try to get a better understanding of gun violence in the US through a discussion with Ted Alcorn, Director of Innovation at Everytown for Gun Safety. Originally founded by a group of concerned mayors, Everytown is a nonprofit focused on building a movement of Americans who work together to end gun violence and build safer communities. To do this, they provide research, convene stakeholders, and advocate for legislation that will help reduce gun violence across the US.

As Director of Innovation for Everytown, Ted focuses much of his work on exploring new frontiers for reducing gun violence. This includes looking deeply at data from across the US to find ways for government leaders and community members to join forces to address critical public safety issues. Check out to learn more about Everytown’s research and data analysis on gun violence and read their most recent report – Strategies for Reducing Crime in American Cities.

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