Launching Open Data

This course is designed to help you effectively manage open data programs within government organization. Drawing on best practices from successful open data programs, you will learn how to create strategies to strengthen your own open data work, evaluate open data platforms, and engage communities in the use and analysis of public data. 

Each week of this 8-week online course, you will dive into a new area of knowledge necessary for you to manage an open government data program. The course is composed of online video lectures and transcripts, readings, multiple-choice quizzes to test the knowledge you are expected to learn each week, written assignments, and online office hours. The written assignment for each week represents a piece of an overall management plan. The final assignment for the course will be the compilation of all the prior weeks’ written assignments (with edits/corrections) along with some introductory and concluding remarks.

Course Goals and Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the key elements of a successful Open Data program and apply them;
  • Recognize and manage key operational, political, and reputational risks;
  • Develop an operating plan for your Open Data program;
  • Grapple with an array of technological considerations and determine the best solutions; and
  • Participate in or lead an Open Data program within a government organization