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Andrew Nicklin

Director of Data Practices

At the intersection of technology, government, data, and civic engagement, Andrew has been called an “innovative thinker and skilled technologist”. He led former Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s NYC OpenData and Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Open NY programs – both widely recognized for their ground-breaking policy frameworks, excellent data management practices, and powerful public engagement strategies. Andrew has worked in government for 20 years, leading small teams, medium-sized departments, and executive governance groups. His broad technology experience covers areas such as data management, standards collaboration, information security, infrastructure operations, application lifecycle management, project management, resource planning, procurement, and more. Andrew, an avid motorcyclist, rode back and forth across North America in 2009.

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Five Reasons I’m Bearish on U.S. Government Blockchains (for now)

Five Reasons I’m Bearish on U.S. Government Blockchains (for now)

U.S. governments look for blockchain solutions so they can foster local economic development and appear innovative, rather than to take advantage of the decentralization and empowerment touted by blockchain evangelists. There have been a variety of global pilot projects exploring the use of blockchain to support government operations and services, but in the U.S., a widely successful “killer application” still hasn’t arrived.

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