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GovEx is seeking a Lead Trainer responsible for the development and delivery of trainings to build data skills in the public sector. The Lead Trainer delivers high-quality training in both online and in-person formats, while working across all GovEx programs to ensure consistent and training content and delivery. With deep knowledge of data issues in the public sector, the Lead Trainer focuses GovEx’s training work on meeting the needs of our unique learners.

The Lead Trainer works individually and collaboratively to develop and deliver trainings in content areas aligned to GovEx’s training delivery model including data management, analytics, and community engagement. The Lead Trainer has experience delivering training for public sector employees and will often be working hand in hand with those employees to design and deliver content. The Lead Trainer’s primary focus is on sustaining and scaling GovEx trainings to ensure we meet the demand for data services for public sector employees. Our ideal Lead Trainer has at least four years of experience working with dynamic teams, is comfortable teaching both in-person and online, possesses subject matter expertise in data and government, and is able to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Specific responsibilities for the Lead Trainer include:

  • Deliver online and in-person quality training to public sector employees focusing on data management, analytics, and community engagement
  • Develop media products for use in courses and websites including video, audio podcasts, and graphics
  • Create online teaching certificate modules including development of advanced modules
  • Develop successful working relationships with internal and experts to develop cutting edge content
  • Collaborate with staff on the effective use of instructional design strategies, web-based resources, multimedia technologies, and to improve teaching and learning in any delivery mode
  • Consult with GovEx subject matter experts to ensure instructional integrity of course development projects
  • Serve as a subject matter expert for students
  • Support implementation, administration, and evaluation of day-to-day activities of online education programs
  • Continuously gather stakeholder feedback on training programs and make adjustments accordingly
  • Support the GovEx team to tailor existing learning materials and content to meet general market as well as specific client/funder needs
  • Support GovEx’s efforts to gradually incorporate new techniques and learning modalities for instructional design and learning
  • Function as a staff resource and consultant for internal GovEx education

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GovEx seeks a full-time Community of Practice Manager who will support the development and management of virtual communities of practice. Participants in GovEx communities are representatives from governments, nonprofits, and school districts who are working in a specific policy area and wish to advance their practices through peer learning, coursework, and engagements with subject matter experts.

This position works individually and collaboratively to build high-quality experiences for applied research and training program participants. The primary focus is on creating and managing processes and protocols to help grow GovEx’s emerging programs including applied research, training, and technical assistance. The Community of Practice Manager will collaborate with a variety of stakeholders both inside and outside GovEx, so excellent customer skills are critical to success. Our ideal candidate has at least two years of experience working with dynamic teams, managing membership organizations, is interest in a variety of public policy areas, and possesses ability to manage projects for long-term success.

Specific responsibilities for a Community of Practice Manager include:

  • Design and launch community programs in alignment with grant and organizational goals
  • Create processes and protocols for to ensure excellence in programs, products, and deliverables for GovEx networks programming
  • Develop strategies, toolkits, and related materials to help grow networks programing
  • Lead horizontal teams to create trainings and learning materials
  • Lead and oversee online and in-person network convenings
  • Analyze and use data to evaluate networks programs and make informed decisions for program evolution and adaptation
  • Serve as the primary point of contact with members of virtual communities (such as economic mobility and opportunity youth)
  • Contribute to content development, including coordinating with subject matter experts to schedule presentations
  • Collaborate with Director of Applied Research and communications team to capture and share successes of communities
  • Manage and promote engagement on community discussion boards, including adding topics and monitoring responses
  • Promote engagement within and between community members, including informing participants of upcoming opportunities, such as webinars and assignments
  • Provide feedback to community members on completion of assignments
  • Becoming familiar with community members, including their needs and challenges
  • Serve as front line support for community member issues, ensuring their needs are met including promoting these to other members of the GovEx staff or external experts
  • Meticulously tracking interactions within the communities of practice, analyzing these and developing suggestions for future activities
  • Ensuring high retention rates within the community
  • Work with Measurement and Evaluation Officer to develop instruments to track satisfaction and success of participants
  • Collaborate with Director of Applied Research to develop topics and content on an ongoing basis
  • Coordinate with Training team to align community needs with course offerings
  • Conduct outreach to expand communities of practice at regular intervals, including developing outreach materials and identifying opportunities to collaborate with partner organizations
  • In concert with Director of Applied Research, develop resources for community members based on discussions, survey results, and schedule of presentations
  • Produce and edit documents, work plans, reports, and presentations to ensure high-quality work products

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The Center for Government Excellence (GovEx) is seeking a Multimedia Production Associate responsible for production of video, audio, and written communication materials. The Multimedia Production Associate plays a central role in expanding The Center for Government Excellence (GovEx)’s media efforts, especially in delivering online training and marketing.

The Multimedia Production Associate works individually and collaboratively to build high-quality content that improves our students’ ability to use data. The primary focus for this position is on developing media for online learning, such as video lectures, podcasts, and interactive online courses. The Multimedia Production Associate also collaborates on marketing videos, online marketing campaigns, and newsletters. Our ideal Multimedia Production Associate has at least two years experience creating multimedia content for online learning, as well as collaborating with teams to see projects through to completion at a fast pace.

The Multimedia Production Associate position requires a high level of self-motivation, initiative, and demonstrated success working within a dynamic and entrepreneurial organization. While GovEx offers workplace flexibility, this position involves working at the GovEx office on the Homewood Campus of Johns Hopkins University. This position reports to the Director of Training and Education.

Job Responsibilities

As GovEx expands its training programs, we are rapidly growing our ability to create new multimedia content to delivers services to a wide variety of stakeholders. Specific responsibilities for the Multimedia Production Associate include:

  • Create and edit audio and video content for online courses
  • Coordinate media production schedules in coordination with online course development and GovEx project timelines
  • Manage technical aspects of video and audio production in coordination with GovEx staff and subject matter experts
  • Manage version control of course/project components, which could include: Asana, PowerPoint, audio, graphic, video, animation, and various assignment files
  • Monitoring the timely release of course/project components
  • Creating and maintaining an archive of all course/project components focusing on audio and video materials
  • Developing protocols and guidelines for multimedia quality control
  • Recommending enhancements to course/project materials based on quality control feedback
  • Produce various production reports as necessary
  • Data analysis of current production information for production forecasting
  • Perform routine administrative functions as needed, including scheduling and document management

Learn more and apply for the Multimedia Production Associate here.


The Center for Government Excellence (GovEx) at Johns Hopkins University, is seeking one part-time (approximately 20 hours per week) Graduate Assistant for the Spring semester. Reporting to the Director of Applied Research, this position will play a central role in collecting and analyzing data as part of an economic mobility project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The Graduate Assistant will be part of a larger team working to gather information on how local governments collect, analyze, and share data related to economic mobility.

Specific responsibilities

Prepare for a research workshop (scheduled for Spring 2019) during which a cross-section of local government practitioners will be interviewed regarding their use of data in developing or potentially developing solutions to economic mobility challenges, this will include:

  • Constructing interview questions
  • Creating data collection tools
  • Attend and participate in the research workshop
  • Analyze data collected during workshop
  • Contribute to the development and refinement of data use cases based on the workshop’s output
  • Support research on data diagnostics
  • Contribute to project documentation


  • You are an energetic, engaged professional with outstanding writing and interpersonal skills
  • A Master’s Degree (completed or in progress) in mathematics, statistics, policy, or a related field
  • Excellent research and analytical skills
  • Experience in applying survey methodology and/or qualitative data collection methodology applied to policy research or evaluation
  • Ability to work independently and in a results-oriented workplace
  • Ability to attend and fully participate in the April 2019 research workshop
  • Familiarity with government programs
  • Fluency in quantitative analytical methods, and the ability to work with, and understand, complex datasets
  • High proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Familiarity with statistical software packages (e.g., R, SPSS, SAS, or Stata) is a plus

Core Competencies:
Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
Oral/Written Communications

Start Date 02/11/2019
End Date 05/16/2019
Pay Rate: $15.00 /per hour, 20 hours per week

The job is located at the Center for Government Excellence (GovEx)
At Johns Hopkins University, Homewood Campus
School of Arts and Sciences
1 Bowman Drive
Baltimore, MD 21218

All interested applicants, please send a resume and a cover letter to kklosek1@jhu.edu

Job Posting/Update Date: Feb 5, 2019