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Miriam is passionate about social change. For years, Miriam has worked with not-for-profit organizations whose missions center around sustainability and education (Mass Energy Consumers Alliance, Maryland Institute College of Art, Change for Kids). Miriam is also passionate about data and research. Her first introduction to data came through research assistantships at Columbia University, Howard University, Loyola University Maryland, and Morgan State University. Miriam holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Loyola University Maryland and a Master of Arts degree from Columbia University, where she studied psychology and quantitative methods in the social sciences respectively. Miriam loves chicken noodle soup, Christopher Nolan films, and Thailand. (Fun fact: She lived there for 6 months.)

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How GovEx Does Data Science

How GovEx Does Data Science

“Data science” can mean many things to many people. Some people believe that data scientists are computer programmers; some think data science is deeply mathematical and statistics-based; and some believe data scientists are researchers who test hypotheses and implement change. 

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